Sunday, October 21, 2012

Why I Don't Vote

Voting is the keystone of the democratic system, at least that's what we have been told our entire lives (assuming you come from a country with a democratic voting system). But is voting really that important?

I get criticized a lot for my outward refusal to vote, some argue I am squandering my rights, others are upset that as a relatively educated individual I have chosen to take my opinion out of the ring and allow further leverage to the extremists and crazies.

But above all else what has perplexed me is that few people have ever bothered to ask me who it is I would vote for. I guess they assume I would vote in agreement with their tastes, but this is an awful bold assumption considering the value they place on a single vote and the statistical probability that my vote could just as likely lose the election for them as win it.

When I press the issue, asking,"would you still be adamant I vote if you found out I lean towards the other side of the aisle," I am met with a startling answer, "Yes!" they proclaim, before explaining, "I simply believe everyone should be informed and vote."

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Words With Friends

I am addicted to "Words with Friends," a scrabblesque game that you play with your friends on your phone, computer or tablet. I enjoy the game because it allows me to play when I have time, which is at a premium under my current four jobs. It also doesn't take terribly long to play a turn, usually not much longer than it takes to send a text, which allows me to play many of my turns at work without obstructing my productivity.

As I have played words with friends I have come across a series of words, that while I have never heard, nor do I know there meaning or proper usage, come very in handy during an intense game of words with friends.
I have decided to compile what I have experienced are the Top Ten Words with Friends that I don't know the meaning of, and supply the meaning. Once you read this list you will have an arsenal of ten additional words for which you can answer the questions, "What does that even mean?"

10. JIN
A dynasty that ruled China ad 265–420, commonly divided into Western Jin (265–317) and Eastern Jin (317–420).