Friday, March 14, 2014

Are Women Making Themselves Obsolete?

This morning I woke up and, like every morning, quickly grabbed my phone to scan through my twitter feed, a.k.a. my morning news. In my perusing, I came across a posting that included this meme...
...posted by a friend of mine, along with some line about how it's 2014 and women can do more than wear pearls and make dinner. I assume the tweet was some subverted commentary to some man in her life who had involuntarily opened the pandora's box of feminism that lives within the ovaries of every woman.

I thought little of the post at the time, deciding to move on to more important things, like pictures of sloths whispering in people's ears and a stream of tweets about how stupid humanity has become. Later in the day, however, I was confronted with the ultimate catalyst to this posting, a female friend called me up and asked me to come over and change a tire. Now that I have filled you in on the benign origins of this post we can move along to my point.

I grew up, like most of my friends, with the understanding that as a boy I was all but legally required to acquire a set of life skills in order to properly navigate the world. These skills included, but were not limited to, an above basic understand of automotive mechanics, rudimentary plumbing and electrical and any other home improvement skills, landscaping proficiency, an unreasonable level of bravery when it comes to strange creatures, along with a level of technological savvy reserved for a kid who spent his formative years shoved in a locker.

Later in life, I learned, through no fault of my own (thank my highly matriarchal family), that in order to woo a woman it would be worthwhile for me to also procure a second set of "domestic" skills, such as doing laundry, washing dishes, cooking and the dreaded young mans battle with basic hygiene.
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I never found any of this problematic, it was part of my responsibility as a boy to grow into a man who could preform basically any task that would be thrust upon me. I never really even took noticed that my sister spent very little time crawling through attics, working in garages or touching anything with a motor any more powerful than a portable CD player. It wasn't till I started living with women that I started to notice the disparity in our household contribution. If something broke it was my job to fix it, which, although usually outwardly reluctant, never really bothered me. It was also my pleasure to cook dinner every night, cooking being my personal zen time and something I have been very passionate about.

The problem, however, lies in the startling fact that my female compatriots have apparently never learned either side of the coin, many are helpless when it comes to technology or mechanics but are also absolutely overwhelmed by attempting to prepare the simplest of dishes in the kitchen. Women have opted out of learning "domestic" skills in favor of attaining education and careers, which is of course a wonderful and welcome transformation, but the shedding of at home responsibilities seems to be making women obsolete in the conjugal paradigm.

I have spent my entire life living under the assumption that in order to be a successful man I must advance myself educationally, vocationally, financially and domestically. The result of this effort is I make myself a "better catch" for women and ultimately am able to successfully court the woman I desire, to put it obtusely. However, the modernity of today's woman has played her into a corner. Yes, she now has an equivalent education, which allows for superior conversation. Yes, she can now take help take the breadwinner burden off the man's shoulders. But at home she has become all but useless, trading in the trades of traditional femininity while failing to obtain a useful substitute. Instead the domestic work that was previously distributed amongst the genders in a household has managed to pile itself firmly in the corner of the male.

It is a great achievement that we have after far too many years of overt sexism, come to a time when women can attain powerful positions in the work force and society. But as man has known since time immemorial the importance of learning extracurricular skills for the home is of equal importance. So in conclusion I just ask that if women would prefer to shed the apron, then grab a jack and a tire iron and change that tire while I cook us up a nice Zuppa di Pesce.

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  1. Don't do it. Women just want your money.