Monday, April 14, 2014

Things I Don't Understand

So before I start listing things, I would like to brief you on what you are about to read. Basically it's a list (duh!) of things that I have yet to find a reasonable explanation for, some are political, some are silly and some are down right just stupid. If you have what you think may be a legitimate explanation, or hell any explanation I will happily listen to whatever you have to say because I have hit the limit on the amount of brain cells I am willing to waste on these topics.

And off we go...

1. Why is it the law to where your seat belt. I believe this is the law in all 50 states, but even if I am wrong I know it's the law in a majority of states. If I decide not to where my seat belt, why is it the governments concern. I am not saying one shouldn't wear their seat belt, but it being a law makes no sense.
  • On that note: Helmet laws for motorcyclists: You will never find me riding without a helmet but I don't see why anyone should be fined for being a dumbass.
Both women in this photograph are criminals! Someone get these bitches off the streets!
    • And on that note: If it is legal to ride a motorcycle, then why the hell is it illegal to ride in a car without a seatbelt?
    2. Before the Smart Car was allowed to be sold in America, Smart had to make some adjustments to the car to make it meet American safety standards. One of these was that the car needed to weigh more (which subsequently dropped the MPG on the American version of the Smart Car (60mpg euro-36mpgUS), again I will go back to motorcycles. A Smart car can accommodate 2 people just like any motorcycle, yet even the European model outweighs large motorcycles, so exactly what is the logic behind the need to add weight? If you are thinking power you are off the Smart has a 70hp 1litre engine yet weighs 1600lbs(euro model), a Hayabusa Motorcycle has a 1300cc engine and has over 150hp yet weighs around 550lbs.
    America! Fuck Yeah!
    3. Why every girl goes through a phase where she is "really into photography."

    4. Why everyone loves black and white photography. It even works on me, turn almost any photo and it instantly looks better, wtf?
    And extreme angles. People love extreme angles.
    5. How certain words became swear words. And why we are so offended by swear words.

    6. Aren't prisons suppose to remove threats to the community? Why do we send non-violent people to jail.

    7. Why aren't prisoners used as slave labor? And if you are making some correlation to the unequal amount of minorities and prison and the history with slavery in America, well I wasn't going there, but shit instead of having them sit there and do nothing, make them build something. We could use another Hoover Dam.

    8. Is the best life choice to turn 18 and get a sentence to a minimum security prison? Where you can get free food, housing and now College Education? I am thinking Yes!
    Oh, Google and your silly image results!
    Why do people purchase things they know make them look stupid. i.e. crocs, snuggies, leashes for their children.

    Have we hit the point of being so apathetic that this is not embarrassing?

    It's pictures like the above that spawned the phrase...WHAT...THE...FUCK!

    How come if you have a negative opinion of someone, especially famous people, then you are labeled as "jealous" of said person. Even when stating facts, like Charlie Sheen being crazy, Lady Gaga having a penis or Chris Brown being a women beater? Just writing that sentence means I am jealous of the above cast of characters.

    Is there a lazier name for anything than an Orange? I mean going by that logic we should also have something called a yellow, a red, a green, a purple, a blue (let's see...humm...Banana, Apple, Grape, Eggplant and a blueberry). Seriously, was the guy who was put in charge of fruit naming on that day out sick and some toddler had to make the name? You could call it anything...I propose a Pulpero, it makes sense because oranges have pulp and ero because sounded good, I would eat a Pulpero, plus it sounds spanish and oranges and Spain have a pretty sexy history.
    Pictured above: Pulpero

    If you are brown and a bear you are a Brown Bear, if you are a dog you are a Chocolate lab, if you are human and have brown hair you are Brunette, but if you have brown skin you are Black or, if lighter brown, Red (as in Indians...both American and Indian..Indians).

    If you are a dog and have Yellow hair you are either a Yellow lab or Golden Retriever, if you're human you are blonde, if you are yellow skinned you are from asia?

    I am starting to suspect the racial color scheme is inaccurate.

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    1. I think kid-leashes are kind of awesome! I admit to using them when traveling in Spain and France with two year olds. They liked it, too. They got on all fours and barked like small dogs. Fun was had by all.